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 Whats on your Ctrl V?

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PostSubject: Whats on your Ctrl V?   Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:38 pm

When you hold ctrl v on your keyboard it will paste the last thing you copied.
In this game, simply show your control v.

Ill start:On my ctrl V is..:
thats weird lol


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12 Bros

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PostSubject: Re: Whats on your Ctrl V?   Fri May 23, 2008 10:24 pm

Lookathis kissed the babys head. The head tasted like a waffle. Lookatthis was so tired and died. 12Bros said "Ohh my gosh look! Thats so cool!"
Hellopayton went for a drink at 7-elven down the yellow brick road.
12Bros was so thirsty he decided to eat salt. 12Bros got mad, puked on BTO6, and ran away. Argie also puked so Bam helped him get back home. Then, Argie came back again and alomsy chocked on a waffle. Bam is a cool girl who's friends with Argie. Argie rocks socks and is awesome. Of course she knows Bam as a strange person with no friends. She thought that 12Bros was so totally friendless. Bam is too. Fortunatly, Argie isn't. BT06 is kinda ugly for a waffle with syrup! When BT06 heard he got really annoyed and went 12Bros and argie. Argie gave him a knuckle sandwhich...
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Whats on your Ctrl V?
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